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Cat: Luna
DSH (runt)

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Luna's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

AT DIAGNOSIS: Currently: a mild respiratory infection.

Story: Luna and I met 3 years ago. Following loosing a baby, I found myself needing cute fuzzy companionship. My husband and I went to the humane association and I knew the moment I saw her that we had a special connection. Luna has been my closest friend ever since. She greats me every evening when I come home from work, follows me around, and sleeps on my pillow at night, and is always in need of a good snuggle and head butt. My husband and her have a special relationship too, they have games they play, he chases her and then she hides, then she chases him. We moved from Albuquerque NM to Seattle 2 months ago and I took her as carry on during my flight here. She had a clean bill of health at her pre flight check up. On 1/3/07 during her usual snuggle when I got home from work I found a lump under her chin. We took her to the emergency animal hospital where they took needle biopsy, blood and urine samples from her. The next day we saw a cat clinic vet who took his own needle biopsy and evaluated it on the spot and told us it was likely lymphoma and even with treatment she will die within 9 months. I couldn’t accept that so we got a second opinion with an internalist the soonest available appointment, which was the following Monday. Dr. Comer said we needed to have the node removed right away and referred us to a surgeon who by luck was able to fit Luna in the next day. She had 4 affected nodes removed, and the diagnostic tests so far have not shown any metastasis.

She came out of the surgery her normal self-well as you can see she is a very fluffy cat and they had to shave her to make the incisions, and for the iv, and for the fentanyl patch. Luna had her first chemo on 1/15/07, which was modified because her paced cell volume was real low, including neutropenia. She had a rough time with vomiting, but has improved the past couple of days. We are trying to stay positive and pray that she will be one of those lucky cats that will go into remission and we will have more time with her. We are doing everything we can to give her the very best happy time that is possible.

Outcome: Updated March 2007 - Luna passed away at home while recieving hospice care. The veterinary oncologist said she felt that the multicentric lymphoma Luna had was very rare because it was in conjunction with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). She had a good quality of life right up untill the end because of the palliative care she recieved including pain management and subcutanious fluids with b vitamin complexes. Luna's remains are now resting in a beautiful Memory Glass. My heart longs for her every moment of every day, I miss her more than words can say. Cherish the time you have with your beloveds and fight hard for them.

Outcome: Treatment ongoing.

- By Amy Luna's Mom -

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