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Cat: Lizzie
DSH (Spayed female)

Type of Lymphoma:

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Lizzie's Case Study  

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AT DIAGNOSIS: Seizures, started 2004, cause not determined.

Story: Lizzie was diagnosed in August 2005, at age 12-1/2. She had been very healthy her entire life, and the only indication of something pending was unexplained low WBC on routine annual exams for a few years prior. Symptoms came on suddenly with dramatic weight loss followed by formation of large lumps all over her torso. A definite diagnosis from the many biopsies, including bone marrow, was finally achieved when a large tumor developed in her abdomen. By that time one lung was also fully involved. Diagnosis was Stage V-a. Low WBC precluded chemotherapy protocol and outlook was grim. Lizzie was given one Elspar treatment which surprisingly caused a soar in WBC as well as elimination of all the lumps. A modified 11-week COPLA protocol was designed for her and administered by our local vet who consults with the diagnosing oncologist. At week 12, Lizzie began a modified LVP tapering protocol. At about week 24, a new lump developed on Lizzie's neck, diagnosed as lymphoma by biopsy. She was given one dose of Elspar, which shrunk the lump immediately. She was switched to CCNU at three week intervals. Prednisolone has been constant since beginning treatment.

Outcome: As of end of February 2006, Lizzie has been on CCNU for 3 treatments and 8 weeks, with no new lumps. Protocol will be re-evaluated soon.

- By Lynne Lizzie's Mom -
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