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Feline Memorials


Jun 01 2012 in Felines
Zowie come to us as a foster kitten, she was once wild and most of her siblings died except for her.

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May 31 2012 in Felines
Emmitt just passed from congestive heart failure, he was in remission 6 years.

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Apr 24 2012 in Felines
I found my Bella over 10 yrs ago, 3 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed.

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Apr 17 2012 in Felines
KC was the undisputed king and ruler of the house, he ruled with a mostly gentle polydactol paw.

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Mar 27 2012 in Felines
Its only been 2 weeks since we were told that Yoda had intestinal lymphoma. He had 3 tumors through out his intestinal tract, and one was pretty large.

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Mar 19 2012 in Felines
Kane was a beloved companion. He was intuitive and charismatic. We were devastated when we learned that he was in renal failure. Unfortunately, we didn't catch it in time and it was advanced.

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Joey, my love ...

Feb 29 2012 in Felines
You were, are my love, I can't even express how much I miss you. You came into my life a little ball of siamese mix energy, getting into everything! You never outgrew your mischievousness, you were always vying for my attention, you were happiest when you were in my arms and I as well. I miss you…

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Feb 29 2012 in Felines
We live in the country and see our fair share of dumped cats unfortunately. Sparkle wandered up to our back door nearly dead from lack of food and water.

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Feb 27 2012 in Felines
Simba was our beautiful little rescue cat that was a part of our family for nearly 13 years, he loved home and loved his little life, was full of character and affection.

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Feb 24 2012 in Felines
Maggie became ill in November 2011. She was diagnosed with either IBD or small cell lymphoma. I had no money to treat her so she was on prednisolone and I hoped for the best. She was tired but ate well but became lethargic in January and quit eating. The vet palpated her abdomen and she growled in pain.…

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* Disclaimer - We are not vets, PLEASE if your cat is sick, seek veterinary attention. We are here merely to offer support and treatment options we have tried for our own felines while under the care and guidance of our own veterinarians or specialists. NO content on this website is intended to be given or taken as medical advice.

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