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Sex / Breed: Male - Silver Tabby
Type Of Cancer: Intestional cancer or lymphoma
Other Health Problems: none known

Ali Baba's Story
by Ruth Alden & Tina Duff

It was in Middletown VA in 1999 when I was cleaning a new place which would be my new store that a lovely gray & black stripped tsbby cat wandered inside. He was a beauty with large blue eyes that matched his large head. My neighbor said it was a stray and she had taken it to the vet to get shots. She said he was two years old and had been hanging around for a few weeks. That was strange as I had recently moved into the place and had started cleaning the down stairs part. He became a regular at the store and people would often commented on the cat but he was not tame. He was very selective in who could get close to him. Later, we moved and the cat was named Ali Baba as he seemed to steal peoples hearts even though he was not a cat to pet. He stayed with us and had two babies with our female cat (Misty) which one (Valor) died at birth but the other one (Sassy) lived for two years--long enough to play with Ali--before he passed away with a seizure in the brain.

Ali became sick in May 2012 and was taken to the vet soon after he quite eating. He had lost some weight when we changed litter brands but he didn't stop. We tried every thing but he kept slipping down rapidly. The vet wanted a endoscopy but he got so weak and quite eating and drinking anything. The vet said it was doubtful if he would last through the procedure so we let him go peacefully today at June 14, 2013 at 8:38pm. It breaks my heart to let him go but it was the right thing for my "little shadow" Ali. We love love you always.

Still miss my Ali Baba aka My Shadow. I guess I always will. I wished I could have spent more time with him and took him to the vet before he lost so much weight. I am sorry Ali! I miss you so much....

  ADDRESS - Virginia, USA  
Added 06/14/2012
Updated 10/20/2014
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Ali Baba
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