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Sex / Breed: female, Siamese mix
Type Of Cancer: Small Cell Intestinal
Other Health Problems: History of ear tumors in both ears, breast cancer, lifetime IBD

B.G.B.'s Story
by A.R.

Has lost one pound in weight, was vomiting daily in September. History of irritable bowel. Nagged vet about this for 1 year, but she took it as food allergies, (I will never ignore my intuiton again!). Last month threw up pink/green bile and small red fibers, emergency hospitialization and endoscopy confirmed small cell intestinal lymphoma. She is now on daily prednisolone, and monthly Leukeran. After 2 weeks of sub cutaneous fluids and baby food, began diet of pan fried cold water canadian salmon with the skin. Feed her this dish and nothing else. She has cleaned her plate, but need to give it to her in small amounts or she will overeat and vomit. Tried another commercial prescription diet, and it made her tummy rumble due to high starch content. Still giving her the fish, this is best. Blood test confirmed white cell count is normal, will continue leukeran.

Outcome: I am hoping to try some of the phytomucil to sooth her stomach, and am looking into holistic diet, vitamins and herbal remedies. She is not vomiting and drinking water on her own, but her bowel movements are small and infrequent, and she doesn't seem to be losing weight, but not gaining either. Vet says meds need to work. So far she is better, but not really healthy. Prayer has helped immensely, as I sit with her and she seems soothed and her tummy stops rumbling.

Added 03/09/2012
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