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Sex / Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Type Of Cancer: Low grade GI T-cell lymphoma
Other Health Problems: Hyperthyroidism

Bart's Story
by Bart's dad

Bart's around 10.5 years old. 8 months ago he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was given radio iodine treatment. During blood tests prior to the treatment he had elevated eosinophil counts but it was noted for a follow up post thyroid treatment.

Around January 2016 during follow up checks his eosinophil counts had jumped and an ultra sound confirmed he had thickened intestinal wall / enlarged lymph node.

Aspirates of bone marrow, lymph nodes proved inconclusive. An exploratory surgery was performed and full thickness biopsy confirmed he has low grade T-cell lymphoma with a low mitotic rate.

This apparently is the best possible type of cancer in felines as is responds well to treatment.

He's been put on Chlorambucil (4 consecutive days) and Prednisolone daily for 3 weeks. CBC done at 3 weeks to assess and continue treatment.

I'm documenting as we go along, so it's helpful to someone else as the other case studies have been to me.

Dose 1 - Chlorambucil and Prednisolone. Recovering from ultrasound sedation. Diet normal

Dose 2 - Chlorambucil and Prednisolone. Sluggish and reduced eating (about 75% of normal intake). Increased urination, feeding him extra water to keep him hydrated.

Dose 3 - Chlorambucil and Prednisolone. Refused to eat much of normal canned food (Hills CD) but after some coaxing at about 50% of what he normally eats.

Dose 4 - Chlorambucil and Prednisolone. Appetite has stabilized with home cooked food. Baked chicken, kangaroo and sardines together, took them apart and he finished everything. Sluggish mostly but more active and alert than previous day.

  ADDRESS - Australia  
Added 04/08/2016
Updated 04/10/2016
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