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Sex / Breed: Domestic grey tiger
Type Of Cancer: Lymphomia mass near on on the liver
Other Health Problems: none before his original lymphoma

Bugsie Segal Woods's Story
by Christine Woods

We noticed a weight loss in February of 2012 in both him a female we had. The girl died in her sleep before her Vets appointment. Bugs had blood tests and all his livers were elevated off the charts. Thru too many tests and Vet appointments the Vet decided it was either leukemia or lymphoma. Since the treatment for both would be the same ? she told us to save the $600 that the MRI would cost and just start the meds for him.
After moving to Florida his new Vet cut the meds back for him and he has been doing just as well. Until 2 weeks ago - his eye appeared irritated and within a very few days swelled shut and I thought I noticed the eyeball was actually enlarged. It took 4 days to get into the Vet (snow-bird season here) and she agreed the eyeball was indeed enlarged. Of course in the 4 days we waited to get into her the eye had vastly improved - she hadn't seen it at its worst. She gave us antibiotics in case it was just an infection and warned us that the chances were it was more lymphomia. For 4-5 days the eye improved then very rapidly became even more swollen and irritated than the first time.
Now we are sitting waiting for tomorrow and the removal of that eye. Then the lab tests to tell us just what type of cancer we are fighting.
We have lost 2 of our babies in the last 20 months - not looking forward to another loss.

  ADDRESS - Florida, USA  
Added 12/10/2013
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Bugsie Segal Woods
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