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Half-n-Half Half-n-Half's Story


Added 03/09/2012
Viewed 3270 times

Higgins Higgins's Story

GI, specifically affecting the liver and lymph nodes

Added 03/09/2012
Viewed 3147 times

Jean Luc Visit Website | Jean Luc's Story

GI lymphoma, specifically of the stomach lining, but had spread to kidneys and bowels at times. It was diffused, not a specific tumor or tumors.

Added 05/07/2011
Updated 05/08/2011
Viewed 3254 times

Joey Joey's Story


Added 10/18/2012
Viewed 3159 times

Kalysta Visit Website | Kalysta's Story

Lymphoblastic GI Lymphoma

Added 05/08/2011
Updated 05/13/2011
Viewed 4258 times

Katie Katie's Story

Small Cell GI Lymphoma

Added 05/12/2011
Viewed 3152 times

KC Visit Website | KC's Story

Intestinal with possible spleen and liver involvement

Added 06/08/2012
Viewed 3150 times

Little Little's Story

Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy

Added 03/09/2012
Viewed 3154 times

Lucy Lucy's Story

small cell lymphoma GI

Added 01/25/2016
Viewed 3197 times

Luna Luna's Story

Small cell intestinal lymphoma

Added 03/09/2012
Viewed 3169 times

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