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Feline Lymphoma Yahoo Group Members ONLY may access This area is accessible to group members only, you must be a verifiable member of the Feline Lymphoma Yahoo Talk group to access this information. Once you have joined the Yahoo group if you would like access, please email for login info, send me your yahoo ID and so I can verify your membership.

Symptoms Indicating Possible Cancer

Diagnosis & Diagnostic Tools

Chemicals, Protocols & Drug Clearing Time

Possible Chemo Side Effects

Holistic Remedies

Care For The Caregiver

Care For The Caregiver - Taking care of your sick pet can be a difficult, time consuming, full time job. We often get so involved that we forget to take care of ourselves. Here are some helpful tips on how to manage your pets illness and keep yourself healthy too!

Ending Life With Compassion

Ending Life With Compassion - It's the most difficult decision any pet owner will ever have to make. And as humans we tend to second guess our decisions and feel guilty over our choices no matter what they may be. Here is a comprehensive and compassionate guide to hopefully help you with this most personal and difficult decision.

2008 WSAVA Congress - Oncology Links

Feline Cancer/Health Resources

Feline Cancer/Health Resources
How To Read Lab Tests
Understanding Your Pet's Blood Work
Therapeutic Choices for the Medical Management of Feline Lymphoma - Changes in disease frequency and presentation of feline lymphoma necessitate a somewhat different approach to protocol selection and supportive care. The incidence, signalment, and etiology of this disease has changed during the 80's and 90's. Overall, it appears that feline leukemia virus infection has declined along with the frequency of some anatomic forms ... much more on new protocols on their website.
HolVet's Neoplasene Information Center - Neoplasene® is a relatively new drug available for veterinary use. It is derived from the perennial herb bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), so named because of the reddish sap of the root. It has historically been used as a dye, an emetic (induces vomiting) and a wart and tumor treatment, esp. by Native Americans. Neoplasene® does not burn tissue. Instead it causes cancer cells to die by a process known as apoptosis. They enter into a self termination process. This sounds promising, read more on their website.
BMC Veterinary Research - Publishes original research articles in all aspects of veterinary science and medicine, including the epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of medical conditions of domestic, companion, farm and wild animals, as well as the biomedical processes that underlie their health. BMC Veterinary Research (ISSN 1746-6148) is indexed/tracked/covered by PubMed.
RxList & ID Imprint Code Identification - Check the imprint codes of a pill to make sure they ARE what it says on the bottle.
Look It Up Drug Reference - Pill indentification, search by color, shape, and/or markings.
Drug Interactions Look-up - Look up all your drugs to see if there is a possibility of any of them interacting or counteracting each other.
FDA - Center For Veterinary Medicine - This site has lots of info including a section on adverse drug reactions.
Medline Plus - A list of all the medicines and everything you could possibly want to know about them - including side-effects (usually toward the bottom of the page for that drug). Of course these side-effects are for humans, but our kitties could suffer in similar ways.
CatHelp-Online.com - They hope to help provide feline health information to help you best care for your kitty. Many feline health subjects covered here, and links to other good resources.
IRIDOLOGY - Interesting site that indicates possible health related problems based on the condition of the iris. According to this site, Iridology has been practiced since history has been recorded.
Feline CRF Information - Informational site that is very helpful if your kitty is also dealing with CRF which sometimes goes hand in hand with cancer.
Feline Endocrine System & Disorders - The endocrine system runs EVERYTHING, it is composed of glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. These hormones regulate many body processes. The endocrine system of the cat includes the following glands: thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas, gonads (testicles and ovaries), and pituitary.

Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacy Directory - An alphabetical list of compounding pharmacies throughout the US.
International Assn of Compounding Pharmacists - International locator for compounding pharmacies. PCCA - PCCA’s Find a Compounder™ tool allows you to search for a PCCA Member pharmacy in your area.

Case Studies [many more here]

:: Sage
Is a female, DSH
Diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma

:: Chiclet
Is a female, shorthair Calico mix
Diagnosed with Mediastinal Lymphoma
:: Kalysta
Is a female, DLH
Diagnosed with Lymphoblastic GI Lymphoma

:: Tigger
Is a male, Oriental shorthair
Diagnosed with Nasel Lymphoma
:: Sebastian
Is a male, DSH
Diagnosed with Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma

:: Pumpkin
Is a male, Maine Coon
Diagnosed with Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma
:: Woodstock
Is a male, Cornish Rex
Diagnosed with Kidney Lymphoma

:: Saki
Is a female, DSH
Diagnosed with Kidney Lymphoma
* Disclaimer - We are not vets, PLEASE if your cat is sick, seek veterinary attention. We are here merely to offer support and treatment options we have tried for our own felines while under the care and guidance of our own veterinarians or specialists. NO content on this website is intended to be given or taken as medical advice.

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