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Sex / Breed: male spayed, Oriental Shorthair
Type Of Cancer: Mediastinal lymphoma
Other Health Problems: None until he had sudden renal failure a couple of years past his chemo.

Draco's Story
by Valerie

Draco was showing signs of breathing distress at under a year of age, he was taken to a very sharp vet that was able to discern quickly that he had lymphoma. He was then taken to a referred oncologist, they did more testing and confirmed the lymphoma. Draco was on the Modified U of Wisconsin protocol - modified by extending the protocol out to 18 months, in Draco's case. Vincristine, Adriamycin, Cytoxan, L-Aspariginase, Presnisone, Methotrexate. Chemo was halted at 18 months when Draco's BUN and creatinine drifted up, and those values returned to normal. Draco went into complete remission within a couple of weeks of the start of chemo and remained in remission. The first few months were difficult with trying to get Draco to eat and keep his weight up, but that also resolved.

Outcome: Draco went into sudden renal failure a year & a half after the cessation of the chemo and was euthanized at the age of 4.

Added 03/09/2012
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