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Sex / Breed: M/domestic long hair
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoma in kidney and thymus
Other Health Problems: none before this

brutus's Story
by cathy Hart

I went to the vet on Dec 14 after my cat has been spitting up yellow and white foam, a few times pieces of food, he lost his appetite some too, they ran blood work, ultrasounds on kidney and thoracic region, found blood work good just slightly elevated on kidneys, and large irregular shaped bumpy kidney left side, also large area in thymus region with a mass that is close to base of heart, takes up some lung space
we decided against any more testing as this was stressing him, we dont want a surgery or chemo, just palliative care, its been just a week since we got all this information and have been trying to give him cerenia for upset stomach, although after an injection while at vet he ate pretty well, along with a convenia injection, i cannot pill him so i give it in syringe with baby food, he as prednisolone gel coming next week dec 21 and hope he can feel better some
I think he is getting weak and want to try the pred but had to have it specially made as he wont take pills and we dont want him to get upset stomach
I am glad i found this site, i needed to talk

  ADDRESS - Ohio, USA  
Added 12/18/2015
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