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Sex / Breed: Male / gray tiger
Type Of Cancer: Possible lymphoma
Other Health Problems: Heart murmur

Woolsey's Story
by Val

Woolsey had been an obese cat for many years. Lost tons of weight in the last six months, but as he had been feral, I was unable to get him into carrier to bring to vet. (He had previously been to vet only once as a kitten for shots and neutering and has been healthy until now.) He is skin and bones now, although he still has a good appetite. Ended up bringing him in, finally, in a "holster" harness with a leash. He is 14 yrs old.
Here is what vet told me today:
Anemic, high protein levels, elevated white blood cell count, thyroid okay, slightly enlarged lymph nodes, heart murmur, possible pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease or lymphoma. Awaiting now results of maldigestion blood panel sent out to Texas A&M, ultrasound, echocardiogram, and needle aspirate of lymph nodes.
I'm to call in later today for whatever results they have.

  ADDRESS - Connecticut, USA  
Added 09/25/2015
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