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Sex / Breed: Male / Gray Tabby
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (Throat Nodes - Submandibular and Prescapular; Possibly also Nose and/or Gastrointestinal)
Other Health Problems: None (FIV/FeLV Negative)

George's Story
by Jackie/Xx

George was born on April Fool’s Day (2001) as a c-section kitten and was the only one of his litter to survive. He is neutered and completely declawed (not my choice – there was a waterbed incident…) and has always been very sweet and shy.

I’ll try to be as detailed/clinical as possible here in hopes that my information can help someone else. This is where we’re at so far, starting, 03/25/2014 and backdated with vet records from prior visits. Lymph node positions mentioned below are shown here:

02/21 -
sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, severe dehydration
FIV/FeLV test negative
feline heartworm negative
blood cell count, electrolytes negative
internal organ exam negative
fecal parasite exam negative
thyroid screen T4 (high)
urinalysis showed urinary infection
given sub-q fluids, anti-nausea medication
given 2 week course of antibiotics

03/15 -
slightly swollen lymph nodes
eating much less

03/16 -
very swollen lymph nodes, labored breathing, taken to vet
xray and lymph node aspirate taken

03/19 -
diagnosed with lymphoma (a few weeks before his 13th birthday)

03/21 -
given anti-nausea medication, pain medication,
antibiotics, prescription food for syringe

03/25 -
taken to oncologist
blood/kidney work, dehydrated
possible upper respiratory infection
slightly bloody urine, possible kidney disease
given sub-q fluids to counteract kidney/liver issues
given new antibiotics for respiratory/urinary infection
given first chemo treatment (vincristine 1mg & prednisolone 5mg)
followup sub-q fluids (1x/day), prednisolone (2x/day) & antibiotic (1x/day) for 1 week
prescription pepcid given on as-needed basis for upset stomach (possible side effect)
in pain at night, largely due to urinary infection with a full bladder from sub-q fluids

03/26 -
significant reduction (~1/3) of throat lymph nodes
respiratory infection still affecting breathing
given sub-q fluids, antibiotic, prednisolone, stomach meds
shower steam 2x for open-mouthed breathing
no appearance of pain, still not eating

03/27 -
right side lymph node almost normal size
left side still expanded between submandibular and prescapular

03/28 -
slightly easier breathing
no noticeable change to lymph node size
maintaining prescription & sub-q regimen

03/30 -
moving extremely slowly, weak, dizzy
sleeping in odd places - bathtub, litterbox
crying in pain several times
taken to emergency vet
kidney/liver levels in blood so high machine would not register them

Euthanized @ 3:00am.

* * *

As near as I can tell, he had a slowly-progressing kidney disease that got suddenly worse by the onset of the urinary infection. It caused vomiting and subsequent diarrhea, which made the levels in his blood worse. He wasn't feeling well - as a result of the lymphoma (which may have also been gastrointestinal), the urinary/kidney issues, and the upper respiratory infection, so he did not want to eat. Not eating caused high levels in his blood for fatty liver disease. Although the steroid seemed to make him feel better for several days, the other issues in his body were too far along.

I couldn't justify forcing tubes and catheters and drugs and hospitalization all alone at the scariest point in his life, only in hopes that he would get past that and that he would then respond to chemo and that it would work and that he would be in remission for years. Too much pain for a cat I loved dearly just on the off chance that he might get better to make me feel better.

After he passed last night, I saw the first truly relaxed look on his face that I'd seen in probably several weeks. It was the right decision, but I will still miss him very much.

Added 03/25/2014
Updated 03/31/2014
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