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Type Of Cancer: Large-Cell GI Lymphoma

Maui's Story
by Sharon

Maui was diagnosed December 30, 2013. He had a baseball size mass in his abdomen and had lost some weight but he was otherwise healthy and happy. He started chemo immediately and his tumor was gone in a few weeks. He was putting on weight and was doing well with the chemo. Due to his great response, his prognosis was much improved. Unfortunately, around February 23, he seemed to lose his appetite. He was schedule for an ultrasound on March 3. On March 1, he began vomiting drops of liquid and gagging. I brought him to the hospital that morning and after a few days of ups and downs, I put him down on March 4. Unfortunately, even though he beat his cancer, he had a rare reaction which caused a blockage in one of the arteries leading to the middle part of his intestine. This killed a small portion of intestine and created scar tissue, which ended up blocking that portion and would've caused him to starve to death.

  ADDRESS - Colorado, USA  
Added 03/13/2014
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