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Sex / Breed: Female Russian Blue Mix
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoma

Alexandra's Story
by Catherine

Alex is a 15 year old Russian Blue Mix. I rescued her, her sibs, & mother from the shelter before she and her sibs opened their eyes. I was supposed to just foster but I fell in love with this little family. She was my shy girl until 2008 when she was sick with pancreatitis. After hospital stay, she became a cuddler like the others. I noticed she was losing weight in spite of eating twice as much as the others. She also was thirsty. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She has always been indoors & tested negative for the viral cause. After consulting with the vet & oncologist I decided against the chemo and I have been giving her special attention & quality time. She stopped eating yesterday. I know my time with her is nearly over & it breaks my heart.

  ADDRESS - Arkansas, USA  
Added 08/06/2013
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