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Sex / Breed: Female/domestic long hair
Type Of Cancer: Mediastinal large cell lymphoma
Other Health Problems: Feline leukemia

Stella's Story
by Kacy

Stella was a 8week old little fuzz ball whenever I decided to take her in. I fell inlove instantly! I work at a vet hospital so I took her to work with me a few days later to get a check up done. I never knew that that day would change my life drastically. Stella was diagnosed with feline leukemia but still an active playful kitten. I've heard terrible things of what leukemia can do to a cat but I have also heard of miracles where they can live long healthy lives. I decided to take this as a blessing in disguise. I began researching the disease and finding ways to improve Stella's quality of life. I started supplementing lysine, vitamin c, and a vitamin daily to boost her immune system. Stella did great for months until one day she just didn't seem herself. I noticed her laying around and breathing heavier than usual which wasn't like her at all. Moments pasted and she began open mouth breathing. I called my dr right away and rushed her into work. February 5th 2013 will forever haunt me. When I got her to work we took X-rays which showed her lungs weren't expanding the way they should and you couldn't even see her heart on the X-ray due to the fluid in her chest. We rushed her into ultrasound where we found a huge tumor surrounding her heart along with a bunch of fluid floating in her chest. I put an IV in her and started steroids and drained the fluid off her chest. Stella spent that night at work in the oxygen unit and I spent that night wondering if I'd have another day with her or not. The next day when I got to work Stella had improved drastically. I decided I was going to have to start chemo or my baby was not going to be comfortable. I started a chemo protocol which was alternating between elspar, vinblastine, cytoxan, and adrimycin. After two chemo treatments her tumor was gone! It's been two months and Stella still has no tumor back. I've decided to stop the chemo due to leukopenia and her lethargy lately. Whether or not ill continue it later down the road is unknown. I believe Stella should live out her life to the fullest and not feel tired or weak due to chemo whenever she's in remission. She's just a baby and needs to play and just be a kitten for however long she has left. The dr gave her weeks or a few months with no chemo and no longer than a year with doing chemo. I pray every night for a miracle for my little girl and I never take one second for granted with her. Some day I hope they find a cure for feline leukemia and cancer but until that day comes all we can do is hope!

It's been a little over a month since I stopped Stella's chemo. The doctors told me the tumor would come back fast but I still have hope. I got something called t cyte for Stella which helps with the symptoms of feline leukemia and makes their lymphocyte count go up. It's a series of three injections one injection a week. She is doing awesome! I haven't seen Stella so playful in so long. I continue with the supplements and steroids which seem to really be helping. Stella had her first birthday April 27th where she got lots of love and presents! I added a picture of her in her birthday dress!Just wanted to give everyone an update on my little princess:)

  ADDRESS - Pennsylvania, USA  
Added 04/13/2013
Updated 05/20/2013
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