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Sex / Breed: Female/American shorthaire calico
Type Of Cancer: Mediastinal Lymphoma
Other Health Problems: Renal -kidney disese

Misty 's Story
by Ruth Alden

We first saw this calico kitten when we visited a Wall-mart store in Stockton, CA.. in 1997. I told my daughter that we would take her home if she was still there, even though we weren't allowed pets, when we finished shopping. When we were leaving, a store employee held the kitten up by it's scruffy neck and said it should be named "snappy". The kitten meowed weak;y as he dropped the poor kitty in a box. The lady employee told us she was the last of a litter of six and we said we would take her. She became a darling cat who traveled all over CA, NV, OR, and many other places. Misty was always with us and enjoyed the outings we went on either walking on a leash or being carried carried.. In 1999. we moved to VA and she found Ali Baba who became her mate. She had two kittens but one died at birth and the other lived only two years with several problems. Misty got the best care of them all and did not get sick till 2012. We did everything we could but we couldn't save out dear baby girl. She went to sleep February 25th, 2013. She was the first we got but the last to leave us. We miss her and her fellow playmates very much. Hope there is a cat heaven as all cats need one as they are soldiers in our homes.
We still miss you Misty! Oct. 2014.

  ADDRESS - Virginia, USA  
Added 03/13/2013
Updated 10/20/2014
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